Join the Private Peer Group for Small Business Owners under $1M in Revenue

The SBOC is a vetted, collaborative community membership that ends isolation and gives you an unfair advantage to grow by surrounding you with other business owners who GET IT. We're small on purpose, with a member limit of 200 members, so our relationships quickly become power partnerships.

*After your 2 week free trial, you will be charged $799 for your annual membership. No obligation to join.

Introducing ...

The Small Business Owners Community

Imagine not having to put up with the BS of networking or the self-promotion of facebook groups just to get some help. In our group, we’re intentionally growing a private group of entrepreneurs that are ready to share what they know, get excited when you win and listen when you need a hand.

We’re having fun, growing fast and making money. It’s unlike any other group out there and if you’d like to experience it, apply today.

Running a small business is lonely and hard. That’s why our tagline is “Don’t Grow it Alone®”

*After your 2 week free trial, you will be charged $799 for your annual membership. No obligation to join.

This group has been such an encouraging, supportive, and welcoming place that I feel like I don’t need to look anywhere else for resources. I can unsubscribe from all the other marketing, branding, business strategy people I follow and just tap into the members of SBOC. I feel more focused, and I seem to have more capacity to build my business now that I am not so distracted.

- Erin S

Life's too short to build someone else's dream.

You’ve just discovered the small business support system you’ve always needed. The Small Business Owners Community is a group that understands your journey. Inside this membership, you’ll meet people who have walked a similar path, faced similar challenges, and are ready to stand beside you and help you reach your goals.

Transforming Small Business Ownership Together

Built by Small Business Owners, for Small Business Owners

We’ve created a place that gives you what you need to keep growing. There are no networking scammers, referral meeting sharks, or expensive coaching programs that promise success without delivering. With the Small Business Owners Community, you’ll experience the things you’re missing: Feedback from experienced entrepreneurs and help for your most important decisions.

Don’t Grow it Alone®

Business Ownership can Feel Lonely. We’re Your Community and Support System.

You’ve been there. Talking about the struggles you’re facing in your business to someone who just doesn’t understand. The truth is, no one will love and understand your business the way YOU do. No one will understand the time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears you pour into the success of your business - except other business owners who are taking the same journey you are, facing similar challenges, and likely feeling that same isolation you’ve felt. The Small Business Owners Community brings together a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, and expertise.

*After your 2 week free trial, you will be charged $799 for your annual membership. No obligation to join.

I just want to say how amazing this group is. I'm in my third week and I've gotten so much from this group already by just showing up to events. Today was a power packed day! Thank you all!

- Michelle

I’ve heard this before…how is the SBOC really different?

The Help You Need Behind the Scenes of Your Business

Perhaps you joined a business group in the past thinking it would get the help you needed. Instead, you found yourself in a spammy referral group where it feels like you’re constantly wading through self promotion and sales pitches.

Or, you joined a program that turned out to be filled with businesses way bigger than you are who faced challenges unlike yours. I mean, good for them but you're not leading a team of 20 employees...yet.

Maybe you invested in a coaching program that promised big results, but left you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to apply the information given.

In the Small Business Owners Community, our members help one another to share experience and feedback that you’d otherwise miss. The group is like your personal support team behind the scenes in your business.

We’re a membership where you can be yourself, share honest feedback and learn from the experience from others.

We have real conversations about sales, pricing, marketing, motivation, risk, success and disappointment.

These thought-provoking conversations will get you the experience you need to solve your toughest problems.

And, you’ll quickly build relationships that will stop the silent killer of small businesses: isolation. Join us to feel the “co-worker effect” as our members quickly deliver a sense of belonging so you’re no longer building your small business all by yourself.


Community. Resources. Support.

When you join, you’ll get instant access to:

A 24x7 vetted online community for business owners who are understand your journey and are ready to collaborate with you

Big Business Benefits

including a Legal, Tech Support and HR Hotline included in your membership

Community driven clubs focusing on public speaking, social media, AI, personal fitness and more.

Celebrate our three core values to get yourself in the right mindset to grow: gratitude, celebration and support for one another.

Annual Digital Summit and a discount to our in-person Fall Conference

*After your 2 week free trial, you will be charged $799 for your annual membership. No obligation to join.

Who is right for the SBOC?

The SBOC is only available to you if you're the owner/founder/CEO of your own small business. Why?

The business OWNER taking the risk sees the world a lot differently than their employees.

And, every additional Owner joining the group will enrich the conversation and diversify the experience for our members.

The right applicant is probably building their small business on their own or with a few employees or contractors.

They know there’s so much potential in what they’re doing but how will you make the right decisions to increase your revenue from six to seven figures?

This is the “messy middle” of building your business.

You know how to make money, but you’re not big enough yet to have a team to help. Navigating this critical growth stage is where our “collaboration over competition” model will support you to accelerate your growth.

Lastly, we’re right for you if you understand that relationship building doesn’t happen overnight.

We’re growing our membership in a purposeful manner to make sure the right members are investing in the community so we can take the time to build relationships. Take the two-week free trial to get a feel of the group and then settle in to transform your business.


The Tech Support Hotline with Tech Lab

Technology is a critical part of online businesses. Members of the SBOC get access to the tech support hotline where they can diagnose computer issues or make a quick fixes.

Community Legal Hotline with Athena Legal Solutions

Navigating legal can feel overwhelming - and it's not something small business owners should go through alone. Members of the SBOC get access to a legal hotline so they can get expert advice and guidance when they need it.

HR Hotline with Barb Waala HR Consulting

When your add members to your team, they deserve fair and consistent management. Members of the SBOC can ask HR questions to our resident expert to make sure they are taking care of their team and avoiding costly mistakes - even when they have good intentions! This is invaluable for first-time bosses or new employers.

AI Slams: A Community Approach to Unlock AI's Potential in Small Business

AI is moving so quickly, the best way to keep up is to collaborate with other small business owners that are deploying the technology to up-level their business. To facilitate sharing, we've introduced an 'AI Club' and regular 'AI Slams' - feedback sessions and "show and tell" to learn how to get the most from the tech.

Whether Chat GPT, Google's Gemini or Microsoft's Co-Pilot, the community is working together to unlock the opportunity

Meet the Founder:


Small business owners are quickly joining our community so they can tap into Collective Intelligence, Inspiration & Transformation.

Pat spent two decades in broadcasting management and hosting. After leaving the radio industry, he spent time consulting small businesses and realized the support system for entrepreneurs was broken. While building the local small business community, the pandemic hit and the mission of supporting small business owners expanded. The group started as a daily Zoom call to bring entrepreneurs together and after 90 days, the Small Business Owners Community was formally launched on June 1, 2020. Since that launch, the community has connected small business owners from all around the US, Canada, the UK and Australia! The Small Business Owners Community mission is simple: It’s Your Dream, Don’t Grow it Alone®

Community is both personal and professional to me in the SBOC. I can't separate the two. I go to the community for business support, but I also go for personal reasons.

The SBOC was there for me during my separation and divorce. They were there for me when I put my business on hold for the first part of this year to get sorted, as the British say. The community gave me words of affirmation that I would be OK even when I thought I wasn't.

The community is there for me now as I reengage and build the emcee and hosting business—the community checks in on me when I haven't shown up for a while.I love to give to this community when I can, even if it's a joke or two.I am honored to be part of this community.

- Roger Wolkoff

The community is approaching our
200-member cap in 2024.

Get in before the door closes!

Think you're a fit? Let's find out.

*After your 2 week free trial, you will be charged $799 for your annual membership. No obligation to join.

Community Testimonials

*After your 2 week free trial, you will be charged $799 for your annual membership. No obligation to join.

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